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Welcom to the Camping of Heidenkopf.

     Located at the edge of a forest, at a height of 250 meters above sea level, a peaceful nestling in a bosky bower sheltered from the prevailing winds, the Heidenkopf camping site welcomes  you with its70 shaded pitches. It is equipped with playgrounds, a lecture rooms as well as reading rooms.


     The Heidenkopf camping site is the perfect place to enjoy peaceful and open air vacation.


     Very easy to get to, you can't miss it: from the " Celtic " bottling plant and " Liese "mineral spring roundabout, follow the main signs leading up to the swimming-pool. The camping site is only 600 meters away from the aquatic center "The Aqualies " and the " Montrouge " sports facilities. It is also the starting point for several hiking paths across the Heidenkopf and Wintersberg massifs and it is only a mile away from the climbing site looked after by the " Club Vosgien ".

Niederbronn-les-Bains " a gem in the Vosges du North".

     In the midst of the Vosges du Nord natural park, Niederbronn-les-Bains is one of those typical villages to be found along the Piémont foothills and sheltered small valleys in North Alsace.


     Come and enjoy the local casino with all types of gambling activities, the 18 hole miniature golf course, the "Montrouge" sports facilities, including a covered pool, or the "club Vosgien" waymarkeb hiking paths.


     Whether you come on a water cure or as a simple tourist, you will surely enjoy the city and its green surroundings, pappered with ruined castles and mystical sites to discover.


     Need a rest? Feel a sudden urge to escape your daily worries? Come and visit us in Niederbronn-les-Bains!

OUVERTURE 15/04/2022

FERMETURE 31/12/2022

RECEPTION:  9h00 - 12h00

                      14h00 - 18h00

Tél: 03 88 09 08 46

Mobil: 06 33 87 81 48

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